Dream League

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What would you do if you could do anything?

Well, darling, you can. Dream League is a seven month women’s circle/adventure club (October - April) in which all participants declare a big dream and attempt to make it come true. Sound crazy? It is. Realists, you’ve been warned.

Why would we do such a thing? To churn the energy of our lives and usher in fresh experiences; to redefine our relationships with fear, success, failure, trust, creativity; to remember (or learn) how to be playful; to push the limits of who we think we are; to see just what loveliness and magic show up when we trade some of our pragmatism for adventure and wonder.

Don’t we sometimes all grow weary from being so dreadfully reasonable? Being sensible can only ever get one so far; the time for fabulous impracticality is now! Be a writer; do stand up comedy; land that triple lutz; get on tv; make art; win a hot dog eating contest - why not? Life wants to play, and fortune favors the bold.

Led by Sarah Bernstein, life coach and raging optimist, a new session begins every fall and runs through spring. Monthly workshops happen in Traverse City, Michigan and are the first Sunday afternoon of each month. Attendance and committment are essential.

Dream League is $490 if paid upfront or $560 if paid in monthly membership dues.



“Dream League is

transformation. If you aren't ready to change, it's not for you. But, if you are ready to experience dynamic movement in your life, Dream League is the place to be. It's a life fix, for sure.

- Jamie Kramer

My dream was to write an award-winning book. It felt impossible and foolish to even think it. But Sarah made me say it and go for it, and my dream came true! And yet, I say without hesitation that the journey and process of dreaming in this way with like-minded, supportive, bold-but-still-scared people means more to me than having achieved what I set out to do. If any part of you yearns or longs for something—even if you can’t yet name it—Dream League is for you.
— Margaret Fedder
Dream League is so very inspiring. It’s s so cool to be with like-minded people and to be held accountable - held accountable for what we want to be in this world and how we want to show up in this world. Sharing that with other women is truly powerful.
— Evelyne Verret
By being in Dream League I learned that I don’t need to leave my life or look outside of it in order to have an adventure or create big experiences. It was all here - this whole time. It’s like transforming life from the inside out.
— Christina Trogan
My dream was to learn to dance. I had never learned, really. The biggest step of all was to become okay with feeling vulnerable. Funny thing is half way into Dream League I realized it was never really just about learning to dance: it was about becoming free of my own self-created resistance in all areas of my life.
— Melanie Villanueva
Sarah has created something so cool - a space for dreaming, a playground for you and life. Being a grown up is so serious. It’s like I forgot how to have fun, and then Dream League helped me not only remember how to, but it showed me that there is absolute, raw POWER inside fun.
— Judie M.
I have had so many breakthroughs over the last several months it leaves my head spinning. I learned that I can depend on others, be vulnerable, let myself unravel in a way that completely terrified me previously – all the while being held by the perfect energy of this intentional circle. I gained confidence in myself and my power. Sarah helped me in so many ways as a perfect reflection and gentle nudge when I felt stuck. Dream League introduced me to more of my tribe, for which I will be eternally grateful. For many years, connecting with and trusting women has been a challenge for me – to be with powerful and brave women has been a true gift.
— Rebecca Hancock

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