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What is tarot?

Tarot is an ancient tool for divination, unearthly dialogue, cosmic chit chat. 78 cards, representing the major archetypal energies of life, can answer your burning questions and bring clarity to the murkiness of this human experience. What do you want to know, darling? The cards have much to say. You simply ask, and Sarah does all the heavy lifting… or should we say flipping? Tarot is fun; tarot is profound. Most importantly, tarot lets us know that we are never alone. Support and guidance are only a spread away.


Is a tarot reading freaky?

People who have never had a tarot reading are often both curious and hesitant. Will the cards say things you don’t want to know? See all your secrets? Foretell doom? Absolutely not. Tarot is communication of the highest vibration. Your angels and guides are thrilled to hear from you. They adore you; they root for you; they wish you well, and their messages are always for your greatest good and sent with love. And nothing can predict your big future because you are writing it every minute with free will. A tarot reading, however, is a wonderful mirror to the current energies and mysteries of your life today.


How does it work?

A professional tarot reading need not be done in person. A long distance reading from Sarah and Source is just as effective and offers additional benefits such as a detailed, typed report that can be kept and referenced again and again for clarity; you’ll have your reading summary emailed to you within two business days. Readings are $88.

Email Sarah at to schedule a full in person or remote reading.

“Wow. So fantastically amazing!!! Sarah’s tarot reading for me blew my mind, put me at ease and gave me a boost of confidence to attack and achieve a goal I found terrifying! I’m successfully (and very thankfully!) on the other side of that goal now and her reading was exactly what gave me the inner peace to really nail it.
— Carrie
I asked Sarah for help at at time when I felt absolutely lost regarding a personal relationship. Tarot seemed like a long shot, but I was out of ideas. Sarah’s reading nailed the complexity of how I felt with a precision I didn’t expect, and told me what I knew in my heart already. Maybe I would have come to that place on my own in time, but it helped so much in that moment to felt understood and supported by something bigger than me.
— Jesse