Why Tarot Matters


Tarot is tender. Boy, is it ever. There’s a lot of fun and woo-woo playfulness when I read in public; many people who get mini-readings ask generic questions just to have the experience and say they had it done once. And that’s ok; I love to be playful, and I’ve always been obsessed with the idea and images of of old-timey gypsies and fortune tellers, the iconic vintage posters of portentious palmistry and ominous crystal balls - even the Zoltar fortune telling machine at the mall. So, to play the part of pop-up oracle is buckets of fun and brings a little theatre to my life.

But, when people contact me for a full reading the game changes. Because to consult a tarot reader is to ask for help, for answers, for direction. So much of life is murky or tumultuous, and there is so rarely a difinitive instruction manual. What comes my way is so tender and intimate: is it safe to change my job; is my kid gonna be ok; why can’t I make my relationships work? All that is fuzzy, and vulnerable, and wanting, and that has been weighing heavy on hearts shows up for a tarot reading.

When people ask for a reading like this, they are really asking God for help and direction, and I get to be the facilitator of that experience. It feels sacred to me, like a priviledge - one never to be taken lightly. And when reading, I am always fully amazed at the complexity and beauty of this shared human experience. Because their hurt, joy, desire, curiosity is, of course, no different than mine. What people really want when they have a tarot reading is to know they are not alone out here, trudging through life like a solo, aimless warrior. When the cards begin to tell a story they recognize and validate their own experiences it is real magic - not because every problem is instantly solved, but because they realize they aren’t on their own. God/Universe/Whatever is accessible to them. They are seen and understood. There is a larger plan. Things aren’t so capricous and haphazard as they once seemed. They - and each of us - are fully loved, adored and supported by Life.

My whole world pivoted when I realized all that: that I’m loved, valued, and supported by life, always and unconditionally. And I want every person I meet to know it, too.