Ace of Pentacles Message

Ace of Pentacles
Tarot Deck: Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

Oh, what an auspicious and welcome card! Lucky us! The Ace of Pentacles brings prosperity and new opportunity to our material life. Work, finances, houses, our own bodies - all these are of the material realm and - according to this message - ripe and ready for good fortune. If there was ever a week to follow up on a new job prospect, or expect home appraisal to go your way, or mail in that entry for Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Sweepstakes, this is it. Our physical/monetary world, despite thinking it a fixed and concrete thing (knocks on coffee table next to laptop) simply is not. It's as much energy as everything else. Money flows in from unexpected places; dream houses can be summoned; our bodies can heal at miraculous rates. Now is the time to ask for what you want and expect it to show up by way of new, exciting opportunities. "Why, yes, sir, I do want the Megaplier on my Mega Millions ticket, and throw in any scratch off of your choosing, my fine man."  

Sarah and Source