Mother of Swords Message

Mother of Swords
Tarot Deck: The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans

When it came to sensational daytime television, one of my old faves used to be Judge Judy. That broad can cut through anyone's crap to find the righteous truth and sort out the best solution. And clear, strong boundaries! She's got them by the buckets. I can't help but think of her Honor, Judge Judy Sheindlin, every time the Mother of Swords (also known as The Queen in other decks) flips over. Because this court card is all about independent thinking, favoring what the mind knows over what the heart feels, unbiased truth, clear communication and consistent boundaries. She's not cold, no; she just isn't easily sucked in by sentimentality, sympathy, or emotional manipulation. Feel free, darlings, to call on her this week: be clear in your communication, lay down some much needed boundaries, and don't fall for anyone's baloney. There's a lot of b.s. out there in the world that isn't going to call itself out, mmmkay. 

Sarah and Source