Star Card Message

The Star
Tarot Deck: Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot by Lana Zellner

The Star card is your message of hope, renewal, wonderment, and faith. Best of all, it usually comes right after a hard time, a kick in the pants, a dry spell, or a long winter. Imagine looking up at a big, open night sky blanketed with vibrant stars: this is that. Pretend you are lying on your back in warm summer grass and a meteor shoots over your head: that is this. Everything in the moment dissolves and you are washed in pure awe and inspiration. You need not wait for a shooting star, darling, for you are the shooting star. Scratch the surface of this ordinary of moment, and you'll surely find wonder; do something that feels rejuvinating; foster your own hope; inspire others. Look deep inside the dandelion growing up from a sidewalk crack and recognize the eternal. Let it be your proof of faith everlasting. You are loved and all is possible. How silly that we ever even doubted it. 

Sarah and Source