Seven of Cups Message

Seven of Cups
Tarot Deck: Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot by Lana Zellner

This tarot message comes with a firm, loving nudge to ask yourself what is real and what is not. Which is sort of wild considering everything is real and not real at the same time! Amiright? *Snort* But, we'll leave the quantum physics for another day. The Seven of Cups is the card of illusion, fantasy, wishful thinking. And, trust me, those are, like, my favorite things ever. At its best, daydreaming is the start of all things that will one day be manifested here in the "real" world; but at its less than best this card means mirage, fantasy or avoidance. It can even mean that things are not what they seem (think your Tinder date who has a profile pic from 2005). If you are spending too much time with your head in the clouds, ask yourself which of those dreams you can bring down to earth and give it some legs. Or ask yourself why you're way up there anyways when there are so many lovely, exciting things here waiting for you in regular, old, real life. In other words, get rid of the Tinder and plop down on a genuine barstool and meet a nice, flawed, normal someone who isn't hiding behind Photoshop. 

Sarah and Source