Ace of Wands Message

Ace of Wands
Tarot Deck: The Fountain Tarot 

Hold onto your wigs, darlings, it's the Ace of Wands! What a promising and thrilling message to start our week. This card signifies a new creative beginning, raw inspiration, growth and productive power. Wands point to the work we do in this world, and there is passionate energy that wants to come to you and through you. What is this awakened power surge telling you to do? Perhaps create art? Hooray for good art! Double hooray for bad art! Start a project or a business? Declutter your bedroom? Decoupage your whole bedroom? Whatever it is, throw yourself into that inspired, lusty, creative thing. Aces are always new opportunities; but, alas, we do all have free will; so, if we don't say yes to it, give it space, allow it in, it will pass by. Don't be a dud; act on this impulse and get thee to a Pinterest page and a craft store, stat! 

Sarah and Source