Five of Cups Message

The Five of Cups
Tarot Deck: The Fountain Tarot

The stories of our lives are really beautiful. Even the dark parts can still be beautiful: all chapters of a book are important in developing its themes, deepening its characters. The Five of Cups is the card of sorrow, grief, and disappointment. These things don't feel good, no, but they are quite normal, necessary parts of this whole life thing. Knowing sorrow makes joy richer, and realizing disappointment makes success sweeter. What a flat, one note world it would be without this contrast; what simple and self-absorbed twits we might be, skipping through it all in our skinny jeans, a fro-yo in one hand and golden ticket in the other. Walking through sadness gives us greater capacity to understand the pain and experiences of others, and in turn, the ability to love them more. It simply makes us more human. The Five of Cups asks not that we dismiss, push away, resent, and run from loss. It asks us to look at it, heal it, and let it be a part of our story. Someday, when the ache subsides, and the one millionth Adele song has played, we might even be grateful for the wisdom we found because of it. 

Sarah and Source