Queen of Cups Message

Queen of Cups
Tarot Deck: The Housewives Tarot

This week's message is brought to you by the Queen of Cups, the more compassionate and nurturing answer to the Queen of Swords. This court card is super balanced, loving, and sincere. Have you ever wanted to flee from a crap day straight to someone who would understand; someone who would hold you tight against her bosom; someone who would let you have a pity party while feeding you chocolate pecan clusters and stroking your hair? This is she. And who doesn't need that once in awhile? Amiright? This queen can hold space for all of that and dispense sound and intuitive advice, too, because she's usually a little woo woo or "touched." She's a mystic mama, one foot planted firmly in each this world and the other, as well. Now, is this tarot message telling you to reach out to a person like this? Are you in need of some unconditional love and pecan clusters? Then do so, dearl. If you are lucky enough to have a Queen of Cups in your life, please know this person loves to help, has plenty to give and feels most like himself/herself while doing so. Or, perhaps, are you currently being called upon to be more of the Queen of Cups? Is it your turn to root down, deepen your cup, and offer a drink to anyone who needs it? This whole life thing works a lot better when we take turns being the lighthouse, wouldn't you say? 

Sarah and Source